Dried Tomato Sauces (Pesto Rosso)

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Our sauces produced from dried tomatoes are ready to use on the tables with spicy and non-spicy. You can consume with enjoy our sauces for breakfast or with your meal.


Alternative Cutting Types
Strip3x3 mm, 5x5 mm, 8x8 mm, 10x10 mm DiceGranulGranulated
Alternative Marinated Types
OlivePepperSpicy (According to customer's demand)
Product NamePackaging TypeWeight
Dried Tomato Paste (Pesto Rosso)Carton Box5 kg
Product NamePackaging TypeWeight
Dried Tomato Paste (Pesto Rosso)Glass Jar210 cc
Glass Jar300 cc
Glass Jar314 cc
Glass Jar320 cc
Glass Jar330 cc
Glass Jar370 cc
Glass Jar380 cc
Glass Jar500 cc
Glass Jar580 cc
Glass Jar600 cc
Glass Jar660 cc
Glass Jar720 cc
Glass Jar1000 cc
Glass Jar1500 cc
Glass Jar1700 cc
Glass Jar2000 cc
Glass Jar2650 cc
Glass Jar3000 cc