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Sun drying is one of the oldest and the most natural food preservation method. This method gently provides that the tomato achieves the best level of moisture and quality, while preserving its nature. The secret of producing sun dried tomatoes which add flavor to the tables is that; our quality control unit in CENTO FOODS agriculture team carefully determines the environmental conditions, the most suitable soil structure and tomato seeds for the production of high quality organic tomatoes. Contracts get signed with farmers to provide them to produce tomatoes according to the quality standarts that we have determined; necessary trainings are given to the farmers and the process of growing tomatoes is carefully managed until harvested.

With the approval of our Agricultural and Food Engineers, each of whom is experienced proficient in their profession; ripe tomatoes get harvested, cut and left to dry under the controlled environmental conditions in the golden sun of izmir. Tomatoes get transferred carefully to our factory and taken to our cold storages at +4 degrees after the tomatoes got dried under the sun for the required time. Tomatoes which are sieved and washed with the highest level of hygiene, get dried again.

After re-drying, tomatoes get passed through the selection bands and extraneous materials get removed carefully. Tomatoes may get cut in different shapes and may processed with sulphur or salt according to our clients’ demands. The product, can be diversified due to RTE’s demands like marinating with herbs, marinating with olive or oil and pepper as well. This process occurs under the string control of Q/A department and gets reported in accordance with BRC standards.